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Hong Kong Bakery & Bistro

It's the season for cakes!

We will work with you to create the perfect cake for any special occasion -

birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, weddings and business functions

Call (518) 431-6520 or stop in to pre-order your custom cake


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  • 每天愛你多一些3:56
  • 祝福4:59
  • 愛不完21:24
  • 何日3:13
  • 這一曲送給你14:54

We specialize in Hong Kong style comfort food in the heart of Albany.

Join us for breakfast, lunch, dim sum (until 5PM), dinner and dessert

GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE - Purchase in store, $10 minimum

Party room for up to 25 Available for reservation

香港美食坊 - 慶祝開業一週年
本店於7月23日至7月31日期內舉行大抽獎藉此回饋各位尊貴客戶的支持。凡惠顧$50或以上 (以堂食計). 每枱即可獲贈一次抽獎,其中獎品包括:

It's our One Year Anniversary!

​To thank all our loyal customers, join us in our special give-away with delicious prizes!  With a dine-in purchase of $50 or more from July 23-31,  select 1 of 8 envelopes containing a certificate for one of the following items for a future visit. (Limit one per party, valid for single use, dine-in only,  no cash value)

Ginger/Scallion Lobster       Whole Roast Duck

Whole Chicken w/Garlic Sauce

​2 Tapioca Bubble Drinks    ​1 Bottle of Merlot wine

Jumbo Shrimp w/Honey Glazed Walnuts

​Filet Steak w/Pepper Sauce

8"  Cake w/Fresh Fruit

- 薑蔥龍蝦一隻
- 明爐燒鴨一隻         
- 8”鮮雜果蛋糕一個
​- 脆皮蒜香雞一隻 

We look forward to serving you, your friends and family with a sumptuous meal soon!

- 沙汁核桃蝦一份
- 黑椒牛柳一份
​- 紅酒一瓶
- 珍珠奶茶兩杯