Cakes 蛋糕

We will work with you to create the perfect cake for any special occasion -  

birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, weddings and business functions. 

Call (518) 431-6520 or stop in to pre-order your custom cake

蛋糕         Cakes (by the piece)

細瑞士卷       Swiss Roll (S)

大瑞士卷       Swiss Roll (L)

奶油蛋糕       Vanilla Roll

芝士蛋糕       Cheese Cake

檸檬蛋糕       Lemon Cake

咖啡蛋糕       Coffee Cake

朱古力蛋糕    Chocolate Cake

士多啤梨蛋糕 Strawberry Jam Cake

合桃蛋糕        Walnut Cake

紙包蛋糕        Sponge Cake

牛油蛋糕        Butter Pound Cake

香蕉蛋糕        Banana Cake

  Custom Cake Designs  蛋糕


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  • 祝福4:59
  • 愛不完21:24
  • 仍然心在想你6:54
  • 約定14:26
  • 這一曲送給你14:54
  • 何日3:13
  • 8:58
  • 乾一杯6:20
  • 每天愛你多一些3:56