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Mooncakes are available starting end of August to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on Sept 10, 2022! Select from various fillings, with and without egg yolks. While supplies last.​​

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is September 19 Celebrate with Mooncakes

The Mid-Autumn or "Moon" Festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, falling this year on September 19. It is the second most important holiday after the New Year holiday, when family members take leave and have a big dinner together, admire the full moon and eat mooncakes. The Chinese believe that a full moon is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and family reunion. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is at its brightest and fullest. Hong Kong Bakery and Bistro is now offering their own mooncakes, freshly made on the premises. Mooncakes have a thin cake-like outer crust, cast in decorative molds, and are filled with a variety of sweet bean or lotus seed paste, and stuffed with large preserved egg yolks that represent the full moon. They come in regular and mini sizes. Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with these rich and delicious traditional pastries.

Mid-Autumn Festival