Hong Kong Bakery & Bistro  |  8 Wolf Road  |  Albany, New York 12205  |  (518) 431-6520 

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We are a unique bakery and bistro serving authentic Hong Kong style comfort food in the heart of Albany, NY. No need to travel to Chinatown for real Cantonese food! Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or any time you need some healthy, hearty and refreshing sustenance.


Our extensive new menu includes freshly prepared appetizers, soups, meat, seafood and vegetable entrees, casseroles, rice, noodles, congee and roasted deli, that you can enjoy in our new, contemporary styled and comfortable dining space, to enjoy at home or in the office.

We also offer an array of dim sum (meaning "a little bit of heart"), which are meticulously hand crafted, delectable appetizer-sized servings of dumplings, meats, vegetables, and pastries, made with the same fresh ingredients and methods used in Hong Kong dim sum restaurants.


Besides our items from the kitchen, we are also a full service bakery, ready to create your custom designed cake for any occasion. Come in and try our assortment of favorite Chinese style pastries, buns, specialty desserts, fruit smoothies and refreshing pearl tapioca drinks (also known as bubble or boba drinks). 

A private party room is available for reservation that can accommodate up to 25 guests. We can also cater your event. Please call 518.431.6520 for more information and make your reservation.

Visit us today, we look forward to seeing you!

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